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Short-clawed Otter | ©Peter Stubbs
The Oriental small-clawed otter, also known as the Asian small-clawed otter, Aonyx cinerea (Carnivora - Mustelidae), is the smallest of the world’s otters.
As well as its size, the Asian short-clawed otter can be distinguished from other otters by its small claws, after which it is named, and the incomplete webbing between digits. These tiny claws, which do not protrude beyond the ends of the fingers, enhance the manual dexterity of this otter as it handles prey.
Aonyx cinerea has a large distribution, ranging from north-western and south-western India, through southern China and the Malay Peninsula, to Sumatra, Java, Borneo and the Riau Archipelago (Indonesia), and Palawan Island in the Philippines.
This species is classified as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List, and listed on Appendix II of CITES.

Grey Peacock Pheasant | ©Peter Stubbs
Polyplectron bicalcaratum (Galliformes - Phasianidae), the Grey Peacock pheasant or Burmese Peacock-Pheasant, is the national bird of Myanmar (Burma).
There are four subspecies that are found in the tropical forests of south-east Asia. This species can be distinguished from other Polyplectron species by the overall grayish brown plumage that is finely mottled with drak gray, white and buff. 
Males have metallic bluish-green ocelli on the wings and mantle. Each tail feather is marked with two large metallic green, with a tint of purple, ocelli. The cheeks and throat are white and he has a gray upright crest that leans forward in courtship displays. The female is much smaller and duller than the male. The ocelli is not near as bright or large as well.

(via 500px / Elephant Pair by Mark Dumbleton)

_RUO3419 by ruoppolo guillaume on Flickr.

White Bengal Tiger by sergei gladyshev

Penguin Puff by Bryn Jones